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Intellectual (IQ) Evaluations

Gifted evaluations, also known as Intellectual evaluations, are beneficial for many reasons.  Yes, they assist in determining eligibility for gifted programs in school.  Additionally, intellectual evaluations provide essential information to better understand your child's overall learning profile.  As parents, this information is crucial in assisting you to make well-informed decisions to help your child reach their fullest potential in school and in life.

We select an assessment that is most compatible with your child's individual profile.  Once the evaluation is completed, we schedule a consultation with our families to review the results.  Additionally, we provide individualized recommendations based upon your child's learning profile.  We also provide guidance on how to best navigate this information at the school site to assist in facilitating a smooth and efficient process.  

Every child would benefit from an intellectual assessment regardless of whether a gifted or enrichment program is the right fit for them.  It provides valuable insight into how your child's mind works and how best to support him or her.  

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